Changes in organisations always require the understanding of the employees. Many questions arise: “What exactly will change? What will be expected from me as the employee in the new working method?”. The answer to such questions can be clearly displayed in a short internal-communication animation by Emations.

Why an animation for internal communication?

All the information that an employee should have can be presented in an internal-clarification animation as a short, tangible story. A story that offers both an overview and provides insight. The employee has to do little more than to receive the message in order to immediately properly understand the new working method, and the information is presented in an approachable way. Additionally, the generated understanding is supplemented with internal pride if the explanatory animation has the right atmosphere and generates the right type of feeling in the viewer. This leads to heightened involvement and enhances motivation. In short, an internal-communication animation is an incredibly effective tool.

Fast and tailor-made

Internal-change trajectories often run unpredictably. Emations understands this completely. Delays or unexpected accelerations of the change process often make it difficult to determine when exactly the message “should” or “is allowed to” be conveyed to the organisation. That moment could arrive suddenly; during a sudden change of management, for example, or if a meeting with project ambassadors suddenly gets awfully close. Not to worry, an internal-communication animation can be constructed relatively quickly. Or adapted, if things run differently than expected. Particularly when you compare this medium to traditional printing, animation shows itself to be a highly flexible medium.

Our Working Process

1: Brainstorm 2: Script 3: Storyboard 4: Animating 5: Soundscape 6: Delivery

And then the costs

Animations have the reputation of being very expensive. And perhaps they were in the past. But, due to technological advances, creating explanatory videos has become a lot more straightforward. Especially for a large target audience. By making use of fixed templates (the same animated figures in videos for different companies), for example, significant time gains can be made, resulting in considerably cheaper animations. But, even a tailor-made, extensive explanatory animation is still relatively cheap when you compare it to traditional printing (which, incidentally, many employees throw away without even reading).

Would you like to know more?

Curious how we can cast your story into an animation for internal communication? We will gladly join you in considering your case. Please contact Matthijs for more information +31 (0)20 – 261 191 14. Or fill in our contact form.

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