Instruction animations are exceptionally suitable to convey the information of a manual, for example, in a highly efficient and clear way. An instruction video is much more user-friendly than a traditional manual, and has a motivating effect.

Why an instruction animation?

Our brains are primarily set up to process audio-visual communication. Did you know that 80 to 90 percent of the things we remember are based on images? A visual message has far more sticking power than a textual message. This is why explanatory animations are so effective. Instruction animations have a motivating effect. And you can always view them again. An instruction video is easily shareable via social media and provides measurable revenue for your communication.

The application of our instruction animations:

  • Explanation of a new product, service or concept
  • Explanation App
  • Manual
  • Building instruction
  • Operating instructions
  • Installation explanation (such as for a Media Box)

What do we develop?

In one minute, an animation can explain something which usually requires very many words. Your 2D animation is given a clear, modern, illustrative style with a lively background. Worlds in which you can recognise yourself. The animation is cast into the brand’s corporate identity. Think of logos, fonts and colours.

  • On-site brainstorm
  • A modern, illustrative style that fits with the story
  • Throughput time of 15 working days
  • Voice actor optional
  • Music optional
  • Video duration 60 – 75 seconds

Our Working Process

1: Brainstorm 2: Script 3: Storyboard 4: Animating 5: Soundscape 6: Delivery

Would you like to know more?

Curious how we can cast your story into an instruction animation? We will gladly
 join you in considering your case. Please contact Matthijs for more information: or call +31 (0)20 – 261 191 14.

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