Good to see you’re interested in our infographics! An infographic is a highly effective tool through which to communicate complicated matter in a straightforward way. And, due to her attractive appearance, an infographic invites viewers to “read” and understand it. We call this visual storytelling. Would you like to have an infographic made? Or would you like to know more about infographic options? You have come to the right place at Emations!

Why an infographic by Emations?

Emations has all the necessary knowledge and experience to create a clear, informative infographic. We believe in the power of infographics, because our brains are primarily set up to process audio-visual communication. As such, a visual image has far better sticking power than a textual image. Studies have shown that no less than 80 to 90 percent of the things we remember are based on images. So, whatever information you want to convey, imagery is always a powerful medium.

Emations: data experts looking for a story

Due to our communication background, the people at Emations are used to filter the right story from the data. We don’t rest until we have penetrated the core of the matter. What do the target audience need to know? Once we’ve found that out, using a clear point of view, we arrive at a good story in clear imagery. Of course, cast into an appealing design.

Tailor-made at competitive prices

We work fast. With a fast throughput time. At competitive prices. In this, effectiveness takes centre stage in each infographic that we develop. The message must be short and conveyed to the target audience clearly. This is why the E in Emations stands for effective.

Would you like to know more?

Curious how we can cast your story into an infographic? We will gladly
join you in considering your case. Please contact Matthijs for more information +31 (0)20 – 261 91 14. Or fill in our contact form.

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