Good to hear that you’re interested in our video animations. In a video animation, we combine an animation with video images from an interview or commercial, for example. With this animation, you can clarify moving images in an appealing and clear way, and place them in the right context. This is why video animations are highly effective and broadly applicable. As stand-alone media or as part of a communication campaign. For internal and external use.

Why a video animation?

In a video animation, you can bring together multiple (pre-existing) communicational expressions. In the animation, you can introduce an interview with the director, for example; first showing the interview with the director and following it up with a closing summary in which the relevance to the employees is outlined in animation style. Or the video animation shows a part of a new television commercial, whereby in animation style, background information is provided. There are a host of options. A labour-market campaign? Let one of your employees do the talking and combine that with a recognisable, broadly applicable animation style. GIFs from the animations can subsequently be used on social media. In this way, you can easily create an effective campaign to be used on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. With a significant added benefit: tangible, measurable revenue of your communication.

The use of our video animations:

  • Recruitment campaign
  • Internal campaign
  • External campaign
  • Employer branding
  • Corporate branding
  • B-to-B
  • Storytelling
  • Introducing new CEO
  • Introduction of new concept
  • Introducing new corporate identity
  • Sales Interview Tool
  • Elevator pitch
  • Commercial
  • Social issue

What do we develop?

In one minute, an animation can explain something which usually requires very many words. Your 2D animation is given a clear, modern, illustrative style with a lively background. Worlds in which you can recognise yourself. The animation is cast into the brand’s corporate identity. Think of logos, fonts and colours.

  • On-site brainstorm
  • A modern, illustrative style that fits with the story
  • Throughput time of 15 working days
  • Voice actor optional
  • Music optional
  • Video duration 60 – 75 seconds

Our Working Process

1: Brainstorm 2: Script 3: Storyboard 4: Animating 5: Soundscape 6: Delivery

Would you like to know more?

Curious how we can cast your story into an video animation? We will gladly join you in considering your case. Please contact Matthijs for more information +31 (0)20 – 261 191 14. Or fill in our contact form.

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