Driven communication specialists

Animation Studio Emations is based in Amsterdam, but we work for companies in the whole of the Netherlands. We are communication specialists with more than twenty years of experience in the field. Building on our extensive experience, we passionately get to work on creating animations and infographics that convey their message coherently and clearly. With the intended target audience in mind, and in such a way that we achieve the client’s intended effect; activation, raising awareness, motivation, or purely informative? Animation Studio Emations in Amsterdam knows how to realise all of these.

Emations is active in the field of internal communication, B2B, corporate communication, external communication, government communication, product clarification, and so on. Our guiding principle: we display complicated information clearly! And we work in all languages. We cooperate with recognised translators and can translate into English, Dutch, French, Spanish, or whichever other language has your preference. Thai or Swedish? Been there, done that!

Would you like to have an explanatory animation made? You have come to the right place at Animation Studio Emations. We don’t rest until we have penetrated the core of the matter. What must the target audience truly know? Once we’ve found that out, utilising a clear point of view, we arrive at a good story. And that works, our clients can testify. The key words that define working together with us: personal, driven, free from airs and passion for each case.

Why Emations?

We work quickly, in all languages, provide a tailor-made service at competitive prices .

Emations works fast. For a sharp price. Before commencing any of our activities, we always provide a clear proposal. Request a proposal via chat, email, or the contact form today. Communicational effectiveness is central to every animation or infographic that we develop. The message must be concise and be conveyed to the target audience clearly. This is why the E in Emations stands for effective. On top of that, we love our work and enjoy working in cooperation.

For whom?

Our customers – ranging from small to large – know where to find us for anything ranging from attractive advertisement videos to instructive internal-explanation animations. Customers like ABN AMRO, PWC, McDonald’s, KPN, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Gemeente Amsterdam, Provincie Utrecht, Provincie Noord-Holland and Nuon. We also enjoy working with businesses in the SME sector, which our relationships with Gaatjesmakers and OfficeBox indicate clearly.

Programme managers often approach us directly if something needs to be organised quickly. In such cases, contact doesn’t go through our Communication department. We are totally fine with direct cooperation, since it is often the project manager who knows best what message the animation must convey and when he or she will need it. Naturally, we always make sure that our animations – our Emations – are in line with the framework our Communication department has already established in terms of corporate identity, tone of voice and purpose.
Chairmen of the Board of Directors, heads of communication, CFOs and CEOs of larger and smaller organisations know how to find Emations when necessary, and in such cases, we like to immediately involve the project managers. For us, shifting gears quickly and close cooperation are of the utmost importance. We do this intuitively and with a no-nonsense attitude. We work passionately on all our cases, but are certainly not arrogant. And that’s something we’d like to keep that way.

Would you like to know more?

Curious how we can cast your story into an animation or infographic? We will gladly join you in considering your case. Please contact Matthijs for more information +31 (0)6 28 25 47 15. Or fill in our contact form.

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