Nasira is een innovatief financieel programma dat jonge, vrouwelijke en ondernemers in Sub-Sahara Afrika en buurlanden van Europa ondersteunt. NASIRA gebruikt garanties om lokale banken in staat te stellen leningen te verstrekken aan groepen die ze normaal gesproken als risicovol beschouwen. Emations ontwikkelde illustraties, een infographic en een uitleganimatie voor Nasira. Het script is onderstaand te lezen.


Nasira infographic van FMO


Bekijk hier meer infographics van Emations. Of lees ons blog hoe een goede infographic tot stand komt.

Het script voor de animatie

FMO, The Dutch Development Bank, introduces Nasira. Nasira is an innovative, automated loan portfolio guarantee program that takes up a large part of the credit risks of lending to youth, female and migrant entrepreneurs.  How does it work? Let’s look at an example. The New Age Bank wants to vastly grow its loan book of female and young entrepreneurs; Clients that are generally being perceived as too risky and not served by banks.

1: Under the Nasira loan portfolio guarantee, this loan portfolio is split into a first loss and a second loss part. New Age Bank takes the ‘first loss’ tranche, FMO covers the ‘second loss’.

2: After signing the guarantee agreement, New Age Bank starts to add loans to the pre-agreed portfolio.

3: Every month New Age Bank uploads pre-agreed portfolio data to FMO’s cloud based portal, making the reporting and monitoring simple, efficient and low cost.

4: During the entire inclusion period, New Age bank can continue to add new loans to replace loans that have matured. As long as these new loans meet the pre-agreed criteria, no further approval is needed by FMO.

5: Over time, some loans may default leading to losses. These losses are reported to FMO. The initial losses are taken by New Age Bank, until its first loss on the portfolio has been fully depleted. Further losses are taken by FMO, as part of the second loss tranche.

6: The portfolio of women and youth loans continues to develop. Any recoveries on defaulted loans are netted with claims paid by FMO. New loans can be added until the pre-agreed end of the inclusion period.

7: After this period, no new loans can be included but the remaining loans in the portfolio continue to be covered by the FMO guarantee until they have all matured.

With the support of Nasira, New Age Bank has successfully captured a new market segment, becoming a leader in inclusive financing.

Nasira, a new chance guaranteed.

Backed by FMO and the European Commission