Datum: 2 februari 2017

McDonald’s Commercial Animation

In 2016 McDonald’s introduced the McWrap Pulled Pork with a nation-wide campaign. In collaboration with Hill+Knowlton Strategies we developed a short animation, which was used on McDonald’s’ online platform. The illustrated cowboys from the animation were visually based on the protagonists from the TV commercial.

Datum: 2 februari 2017


Altis is a young, innovative investment management firm based in Zurich and The Hague. Altis supplies investment management services for both institutional clients and individual investors. Altis is independent and works exclusively for the benefit of its clients, without any conflicting interests. Emations gave advice on its positioning. And around this positioning we developed a…

Datum: 2 februari 2017


The next ten years, the Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier, will be testing the dikes of the province of North-Holland, improving them wherever necessary. The Netherlands, and North-Holland in particular, is a low-lying country with a lot of water. Partly due to intensive farming, land levels in the polders are falling. Our climate is changing. Sea levels…

Datum: 2 februari 2017

Municipality of Amsterdam House of Hospitality

Every year, some seventeen million people visit the Amsterdam metropolitan region. This number is expected to double over the next few years. This is a good thing, as it generates a lot of money and employment for the Amsterdam region, the hospitality sector in particular. But what do we see? Too few people choose for…

Datum: 2 februari 2017

Province of Utrecht

Bureau Benk developed the ‘Get Moving’ campaign to promote the use of bike and a-bike in the provinces of Utrecht and Limburg. We provided five animations with various target groups in a recognisable, illustrative style. The animations were communicated on the website. In addition, the animations were used for a specific target group campaign on…

Datum: 2 februari 2017

Nuon / Vattenfall

NUON and its role in creating a future sustainable energy system. For Nuon sustainability is key. This one of the reasons the company loves to invest in wind energy as a promise to the future. In this explainer video you learn how.

Datum: 2 februari 2017

Ministry of VWS

The ‘Akkoord Verbetering Productsamenstelling’ (Agreement for the improvement of product composition) has the aim of reducing the amount of salt, saturated fat and calories (sugar and fat) in products. This results in a healthier product supply. Around this theme we developed an animation that was shown on an international congress. In addition we made infographics…

Datum: 25 november 2015

FNLI Animation

The ‘Federatie Nederlandse Levensmiddelen Industrie’ (FNLI) recently launched the ‘Wegwijzer Verduurzaming’. This online tool gives the Dutch Food Industry answers to practical matters concerning the ‘how, what and why’ of sustainability.

Datum: 11 juni 2015

PwC Consulting Finding the odd one out: Hatch

This explainer video introduces one of the new and clever financial products worldwide accountancy company PwC developed for their clients: Hatch. Besides being used to inform clients about the new Hatch solution, the animation was also used to back up Hatch’s entry for an important international innovation prize.

Datum: 10 juni 2015

BlueAssist Go wherever you want to go: BlueAssist

BlueAssist is a simple and sympathetic initiative to help people with a social language barrier. With the help of a simple blue card – or an app on their smartphone – they can ask their fellow citizens simple questions to find their way. BlueAssist started as a pilot in the cities Barneveld en Ede en…