SafetyCube (Safety CaUsation, Benefits and Efficiency) is a European Commission supported Horizon 2020 research project with the objective of developing an innovative road safety Decision Support System (DSS) for a wide range of users – from practitioners to decision makers.

The SafetyCube Decision Support System (DSS) will be the first global system with knowledge of both road safety risks and measures. It brings together European and international evidence on what causes crashes and injuries on our roads – and what are the interventions that have shown to effectively mitigate these threats. Furthermore, it suggests links between those risk factors and the respective countermeasures. That what this explainer video is all about.


You’re professionally interested in road safety-problems? Then Roadsafety DSS is an andispensible tool for you! Roadsafety DSS is a user-friendly and web-based Road Safety Decision Support Tool: a one-stop-shop for all available evidence on risks and measures regarding road safety. Roadsafety DSS assesses both risk factors and measures, links them in a graphical, user-friendly way and provides fact sheet-like synopses accessible for everyone.

And that’s new! Because so far available systems and repositories consisted only of compilations of interventions and their impact on crashes – often simply lists of studies and figures with little explanation. Roadsafety DSS uniquely covers human behaviour and vehicles as well as infrastructure. On the platform you’ll find both causes of crashes as well as the most effective countermeasures to tackle them.

The tool contains a comprehensive taxonomy of all known measures. Analysed, scientifically compared and linked to all known risks that are mitigated by these measures.

Visit Roadsafety DSS and find out for yourself! Your feedback is welcome! How nice would it be to ultimately create a world where all kinds of road users are safe and happy!