Pebblestone|fashion 365 is een nieuwe IT-oplossing, speciaal ontwikkeld voor de mode-industrie. In deze uitleg animatie legt opdrachtgever K3 Software Solutions uit hoe bedrijven in de modebranche kunnen profiteren van deze IT-oplossing.

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Het script van de uitleganimatie K3 software Solutions

Your fashion company is really special. Of course it is! At the same time it has a lot in common with other companies in the industry. IT-challenges for instance. An example. Let’s say your new collection is spot on. Pre-book orders are streaming in and your output increases dramatically. Good for you! But what about your IT-systems? You’ve clearly outgrown management by spreadsheets. But your existing IT-systems can barely put up with current volumes. How to efficiently process all the new orders? Manage all the styles in different colors and sizes? And what about getting ready for your next successful collection? So what you need is a good IT-solution. Moreover you need it quickly. But what if all your money is tied up in expanding your business? No worries there! Our cloud-based pebblestone|fashion 365 solution is the obvious and right choice to address these challenges. A proven solution, specifically developed for the fashion industry. pebblestone|fashion 365:

• quick and easy to implement
• highly scalable

• preconfigured setup

• no upfront investments

• and accessible from anywhere

pebblestone|fashion 365: the right solution for your fashion company.