Altis is een jong, innovatief Investment management kantoor gevestigd in Zürich en Den Haag. Altis levert investment managementdiensten voor zowel institutionele klanten als particuliere beleggers, wij maakte voor hen deze corporate story animatie.

Altis is onafhankelijkheid en werkt uitsluitend ten behoeve van haar klanten, zonder enige tegenstrijdige belangen. Emations adviseerde over haar positionering. En rondom die positionering ontwikkelden wij een corporate animatie. Visueel vormt de ‘Edelweiss’, het icoon van Switzerland, de drager in het verhaal.

Het script van de corporate story animatie voor Altis

Hi, we are Altis. We are a young, independent Swiss investment management company with offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands. And what makes us special? First and foremost, our approach of open architecture. We work with the best asset managers competing in the open market. In the second place our zeal for research.

We analyse portfolios continuously, both quantitatively and qualitatively. We interview our asset managers on-sight across the globe. We go the extra mile to equip ourselves with outstanding knowledge of innovative financial investment solutions. Solutions our competitors simply don’t offer. Another special feature is our personal approach.

We design your bespoke portfolio strategy. Whether you are a large institution or a private investor we provide you with tailored financial advice. By sharing our innovative insights We have the flexibility of a small and agile company a solid infrastructure and a financial network to service large institutional organizations. These factors provide us with a competitive bargaining power and allow us to offer our customers comprehensive service at a more than fair price.

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